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2005 champion

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The inaugural Best Rural Retailer competition was a one-category competition, and therefore only had one winner. The title was taken by Weeton's of Harrogate, the Yorkshire regional winner.


A huge range of produce is available and over 45 local farmers producers are supported and stocked. Everything from local game and Thirsk buffalo mozzarella to Harrogate Spa water, in-store-baked biscuits, custom-made hampers and local apples from Ampleforth Abbey orchard are stocked (Weetons staff help to pick the apples because the monks can’t harvest them all in time. In fact, one of the monks nominated the store!) 75% of produce stocked is from within 40 miles, but some imported produce is sold to supply demand. Producers and suppliers are encouraged to come and meet customers and do in-store tastings. The in-store butchers know where every joint of meat is from. Andrew Loftus, Managing Director of Weeton’s, is a subscriber of a number of Yorkshire hunts and rides out regularly. He is also a keen shot. The store supports local charities and schools by giving a large number of branded hampers for raffles and auctions.

Weetons of Harrogate, West Park, Harrogate

 Pictured: Zac Goldsmith, Weeton's proprietor Andrew Loftus and CA Chairman Kate Hoey MP