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Northern Ireland's Champion for 2013!

Congratulations to Broughgammon Farm on clinching the Northern Ireland title in 2013!

Please support our local farmers and producers who work so hard to bring quality produce to our tables!


Broughgammon Farm
50 Straid Road
BT54 6NP
028 207 68863
07793 485278
[email protected]
Twitter: @BroughgammonFrm

“Broughgammon Farm is a family-run business specialising in goat meat (cabrito). Charlie Cole researched and identified unwanted billy kids as a niche market to explore and has grown his herd from 30 goats to 300, selling on their meat. The Billy Burger is now a favourite at markets! The Cole brothers have demonstrated vigour and foresight while at the same time delivering a valuable asset to the local community. I particularly draw attention to their education programme for young visitors, which enables them to learn about the importance of provenance and traceability of all their products from “farm to fork”. They are a credit to the province and an example of what can be achieved with dedication and hard work.”



A high commendation has been awarded to Harrisons of Greyabbey, the impressive brasserie, farm shop and nursery on the Ards Peninsula.

Harrisons of Greyabbey
35 Ballybryan Road
Ards Peninsula
BT22 2RB
028 4278 8088
[email protected]